„Kritzelkiste“ (engl.: scribblebox) is an illustration podcast and the central part of my bachelor thesis in Visual Communications at Bauhaus-Universit├Ąt Weimar. What may sound a bit confusing at first, considering you have to see illustrations but can only listen to podcasts, isn’t as mind boggling once you’ve given it a try, as several international role models show. Podcasts about movies, comics, photography or the art world in general have gained massive popularity, especially during the pandemic, mostly because it’s not always about the artwork itself, but about the persons in front of a blank sheet of paper and their approach to it.

The podcast

In approx. one-hour-long talks I want to get into the creative heads of illustrators from every corner of the profession. These talks are going to focus on inspiration, technique, process, the mysterium of the work-life-balance, the writers block, getting into the job and the good old money behind it. Kritzelkiste is not a strict interview-format but an easy-going, nerdy chat, aiming to give young creatives, students and newcomers an authentic look into the facettes of the illustration world.

The talks are being recorded as classic dialogues in person or remotely after an intensive research about the guest and their work. The magic of postproduction (scissors, glue, gigantic volume knob) will then transform these talks to easily digestible, tightly cut episodes.

The scribble box

Plot twist: Before recording an episode each guest will be sent a tiny package – the Kritzelkiste. In it they will find tiny souvenirs, memories or surprises that tie in to their work or biography. The dream scenario: „Oh wow, a playing card! This reminds me of my first job as a trainee in a playing card factory.“ „Really!? TELL ME MORE, MYSTERIOUS GUEST!“

Of course, in the end it’s the guests who decide what they want to talk about and what wild podcasting-shenanigans they’d rather skip. In Germany we say: Alles kann, nichts muss – anything can, nothing must.

For our international guests we might have to fall back to sending virtual packages due to scheduling and postage constraints. They’re still going to be magical, of course.


At the end of the project in August there’s going to be a first season with five episodes available on all the big podcasting platforms – including a hefty web- and social media presence. A final episode is going to be recorded live in front of an audience.

Each episode is going to be promoted online as extensively as possible with teasers, snippets, quotes and pictures. This will give our listeners the chance to quickly look up our guests and their respective illustration styles.

The host

Hannes Naumann was 50% musician and 50% graphic designer for about ten years swimming in the shark tanks of the music industry singing, producing and designing.

In 2014 he became a full time freelance illustrator and graphic designer, mostly for cultural and musical projects.

His late study of Visual Communications at Bauhaus-Universit├Ąt Weimar will be finished in summer 2022 with this sweet podcasting project, which is also an exercise in branding and promotion.

More: ashi.de and @captainashi